5 Tips For Mixing Up Your Practice Routine

5 Tips For Mixing Up Your Practice Routine

It was a beautiful blue sky day in East Nashville, and me and my friends Justin and Matt were hanging out at the trendy East Nashville coffeehouse Barista Parlor. As we sipped 6 dollar black coffees (no creme allowed at this place) Matt and Justin blew my mind with a few practice suggestions. Here’s a few tips from them: 

Guest Post: Sarah Barfield

Guest Post: Sarah Barfield

My wife Sarah has started her own blog about three weeks ago, and I've been really impressed with her writing (marry someone who continues to surprise you with how talented they are- it's more fun).

This last week she posted a blog that really hit home for me. She blogged about the internal feelings of moving to Nashville, and did a better job of explaining how I felt about the whole experience than I've ever been able to put down on paper. So I decided to steal it for my blog this week. 

If you enjoy short, well written, thought provoking blogs on a range of topics, give Sarah a follow at www.thenashvillwife.wordpress.com. Here's the article: 

The Big Break Myth

Most musicians are waiting for their big break. That one gig that will launch their career, that will change everything. 

Why do we all think this way? Because we've been told since we were little children that if you're good enough, you'll get picked by something like American Idol and your career will be catapulted to long term success.  

It's a lie. 

Big breaks don't exist. Like needing a haircut, "big breaks" seem to appear out of nowhere overnight. They've actually been building slowly for years (or decades) at a painfully slow rate that's usually not even visible to the outside.

Don't worry. It's not your job to know when that final tipping point will happen. 

Big breaks are the result of a fanatical devotion to building something worthwhile. Launching your career is getting up every morning for decades and doing good work.