I love productivity books. I really do. But most books miss something really basic. 


They assume a lot. 


They assume you’re healthy emotionally. 


They assume you’re not trying to accomplish impossible tasks.


They assume you’re not pushing too hard.


They assume you have a great support system.


They assume you have a strong purpose and direction in your life. 


They assume you’re not trying to drive a square peg (you) through a round hole (what you think you should do with your career)


Productivity books are great. And they’re worthless until you stop railroading your feelings, desires, and core problems into a sterile task list. Doing all of the wrong things faster while ignoring your heart will destroy your career (and probably wreck your life, too). 


Deal with the roots first, and the rest will follow. 


(P.S. this blog is dedicated to a fellow musician and friend of mine this week who committed suicide. You will be deeply, deeply missed.)