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Where The Heck You Been, Homie?

Where The Heck You Been, Homie?

(That was the lamest title I've ever done, but I couldn't resist).

So some of you have noticed I'm back from a long hiatus from blogging this week. I missed you all.

I didn't die, lapse into a coma, or anything like that. I just got busy. 

Doing what? Trying to be really, really good at two things: playing keyboards and producing music. 

One of the hazards of blogs where the person blogging is actively working in the field they blog about is to spend too much time writing, and not enough doing.

At the beginning of June I had to make some hard choices with my time, and I decided I wanted more to be an amazing musician than an amazing blogger for the next few months. So I spent a little more time practicing, working, and just being a human being, and it really paid off. 

I'm going into another busy season, and I'll try my best to share what I learn. In September I'll be playing Americana Fest with Tim Bluhm, and then I'll be gone for almost 5 weeks in October on tour with CCM artist Francesca Battistelli. November/December is still up in the air, but I'll most likely be touring with someone. 

A couple other fun summer moments- I played CMA Fest with John Berry, and got to play on my first major label album with Apollo LTD. They'll be releasing their first single off the record with Sony on August 26th, and I'll be sure to post it. Other than that, I've been working in the studio cutting keys for artist projects most of the rest of the summer. It's been good to be busy. 

As I go forward, I'd love to hear what has you excited about music making, and what you'd like to have my write about.

Thanks for being patient, and I'll post again soon!





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