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5 Ways Fasting Can Improve Your Music Life

For the last four months I’ve been experimenting with fasting, mostly for health reasons. I’ve been trying to fast starting Sunday nights and ending my fast on Tuesday at lunch, and every 3 months I go for a longer 4-5 day fast. As usual, Tim Ferriss turned me on to this in his podcast (click here to listen to it) but I’ve been surprised at some of the benefits for musicians that I didn’t expect. Health benefits aside, here’s my top 5 things fasting does for your music career that nothing else can: 

Podcast Alert: Snap Judgment

I spend a lot of time on the road, and the podcast Snap Judgements makes the time go by a lot faster with it’s true stories. These guys tell the most entertaining non-fiction stories about everything from escaping the muslim mafia, to discovering secret boiling rivers in the Amazon.

I realized recently that it takes me about an hour to write an okay song. If I bust my butt, I can write a good song in about two hours. If I want to write a great song, it takes between 3-5 hours of concentrated work. To write one of my best songs ever, it takes writing about 10 of my great songs (3-5 hours x 10 songs = 30-50 hours).