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7 Ways To Set Goals (You Actually Achieve)

It’s that time of year. Most of us, after gorging ourselves on christmas cookies, start feeling guilty and set some goals. We promise to be in shape, work harder, be a super hero. Three weeks into January and we’re back on the couch watching Netflix and chowing down on the candy canes left over from the christmas tree. 

5 Tips For Negotiating Rates

I’ve been spending a lot of time hiring musicians for an upcoming project, and I realized how hard it is for musicians to negotiate both a fair price that you can live with, while staying price competitive in your field. Here are 5 techniques to use to get the max money, while keeping your client happy. 

7 Ways To Make Money On The Road

So you’ve booked your first tour, and you’re hitting the road to play a bunch of dates for not a lot of money. Things are going to be really tight, but you’re getting to build a fan base. How do you maintain your sanity while earning enough to put gas in the tank? Here are 5 things you can do to earn cash without being tethered to home: 

7 Ways To Stop Working 24/7

Since the birth of my son Jackson I’ve been trying to refine how manage my work schedule. Since I essentially work from home, it’s been challenging to get everything done without getting too distracted. I’ve found that when I’m distracted, I have to work longer to get more done. Here’s how I’m trying to manage my work/life balance better: