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That’s really the only thing you need to do. And I’ve struggled with it my whole career. 


When I show up for something, I struggle to relax. Whether it’s a conversation or a gig, I tend to want to push forward. No time for chit chat- we’re on a mission here. 


If you are an music artist, your original music is your loss leader. Unless you’ve either been insanely lucky or worked hard for 20+ years, you can literally make more money doing almost anything other than selling your music to fans and companies 

10 Ways To Screw Up At Music Networking Events

So you’ve gone to your local music meet up. Things are going good, so you decide to screw it up a bit, but how? Fortunately I’ve been there, and I’ve figured out how to screw things up for you. Here are my 10 favorite ways to be a complete pain in the butt when connecting with other musicians and artists: