5 Steps For When You Screw Up

This last week I made a huge mistake. I double booked myself for only the second time in my career. I was dumb and misread my calendar while talking on the phone with the client, and I had to call them back and cancel the next day when I discovered the error. 

5 Tips For Mixing Up Your Practice Routine

It was a beautiful blue sky day in East Nashville, and me and my friends Justin and Matt were hanging out at the trendy East Nashville coffeehouse Barista Parlor. As we sipped 6 dollar black coffees (no creme allowed at this place) Matt and Justin blew my mind with a few practice suggestions. Here’s a few tips from them: 

3 Music Biz Stories And What I Learned

A few months ago I ran a poll on what kind of blogs you wanted me write, and I was surprised that one of the top categories was personal stories from inside the music business. 

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