A 10 Year Diary

I was thinking back over the last 10 years (this time of year makes me nostalgic) and feeling thankful for some of the things I’ve found along the way. Here’s a sketch of what’s interested me musically in each year: 

10 Reasons I Love the Nord Stage 

I’ve been in love with the Nord Stage since I played a model one in high school for the first time, and Nord continues to impress me with how it makes its Stage series better with every new release. Here’s why this is my favorite keyboard of all time: 


I leave in 3 days for a month of shows with an artist named Francesca Battistelli. All I have from her is a handshake from her manager and the promise that I’ll get paid on the first and 3rd Wednesday of the month. For this promise, I’ve cancelled all of my work for the next month.

Where The Heck You Been, Homie?

(That was the lamest title I've ever done, but I couldn't resist).

So some of you have noticed I'm back from a long hiatus from blogging this week. I missed you all.

I didn't die, lapse into a coma, or anything like that. I just got busy.