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MainStage Mondays: Creating A Cross Fader

DJ’s regularly use cross faders to adjust the volume of two sound sources simultaneously (i.e. fade out one track while fading in another track). There are several really useful ways to use a crossfader as a keyboardist- probably my favorite is adjusting the volume balance between two channel strips (a piano and a pad, for instance). Here’s how to do it: 

MainStage Mondays: Sending Program Changes

I received this question from one of my readers this week:

Hi Eric,

I use a very similar live setup to yours using 3 controllers - one of them being a Nord Electro 3. I use that NE3 for its Native Organ Sounds, but would love to have Mainstage reach out and change the patches for me using the midi program change function in Mainstage - have you had any luck having mainstage send midi messages to change the patches on your Nord?


MainStage Mondays: Copying/Pasting Patches

I received this email from a blog reader this week:

Hey Eric,

I want to copy a patch -- Delta Phase Pad, for example, into a new concert that I've made for a performance set. I can copy the patch and paste it into the new concert of course, and then copy and paste the control strip as well, but it stubbornly sounds quite different after copying and pasting.

Can you shed any light on what I'm doing wrong, or not doing?