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1 Weird Trick to Help You Stay Productive with an iPhone

1 Weird Trick to Help You Stay Productive with an iPhone


Let’s face it- we’ve all got a smart phone with the computing power of a super computer, and we usually use it to play flappy birds (or did until yesterday). Here’s the weird way I've come up with to utilize all that power in my pocket:


1. Put all of your most productive apps on your first page. Here’s my list of apps I have installed and why they’ve made the front page, from top left corner to right bottom corner: 



Bible App- as a Christian, this should be where I spend a good chunk of my free time. 


Safari- I use this for a ton of different purposes, from looking for prospective clients, to seeing how much mercy I’m selling each week.


Maps- for obvious reasons.


Clock- I use the timer, alarms, and time zone features for practicing, booking, and generally focusing my thoughts (I’ve got a timer running to see how long this blog takes to write).


Lose It!- it’s a free way for me to track eating habits, and make sure I keep in shape.


Messages- texting is the way to communicate with other musicians, and this allows me to connect with anyone that has an iOS or Mac device.


Weather- again, use it for obvious reasons.


Notes- I use this for temporary quick notes, especially when I’m on an interview or important call.


Reminders- this one I use to coordinate everything I need to accomplish each day, and prioritize. 


App Store- because I’m always open to trying/finding new apps.


Music- for obvious reasons.


Planning Center Services- this is a great tool that my church uses to keep everyone involved with what’s going on each Sunday, and allows me to practice with audio each week. 


Books- I’m currently reading Walden. This is my favorite app to open if I have a few minutes to kill.


Squarespace Blog- in case I have a great blog idea while I’m out and about.


Evernote- a very powerful note taking app, I recommend this for anyone that needs lots of complicated notes available at all times.


BPM Metronome- perfect for practicing. This is the only app I paid for on my front page, and it’s sadly not available anymore from the app store. Best metronome app I’ve ever used, with tap tempo, setlist functions, and tons of other great features. I'd recommend the Steinway metronome app, if you don't have this one. It's free.


Overdrive Media Player- this is the best way to download free audiobooks and e-books from your local library, for free. I’ve listened to dozens of great books since I first discovered this app back earlier this year, and it’s the best free app available, in my humble opinion.


Instagram- I use this to keep people updated, and to subtly inform potential clients of different services I offer (I’ve actually gotten music work from simply posting a few pictures on here).


Google Voice- I use this to text people for free that don’t have an iPhone, and sometimes I give this as a “business” line on applications. 


My bottom app bar includes Mail, Calendar, Phone, and Camera apps, all for obvious reasons. 


These are the apps that make me the most productive, the most well rounded, and will generally encourage me to become a better person. 



2. At the end of each day, I check to see how many apps I have running in the background. If the top 5-10 apps you’ve used throughout the day are time-wasters and aren’t on your first page, either delete them or make them hard to access (I’ve placed my Facebook app in a sub-folder on my 3rd screen on my iPhone). 


It’s okay to access a few time wasters a day, but make sure that you’re balancing out your usage among all of the apps that encourage you to be productive. 


Was this blog helpful to you? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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