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7 Ways To Memorize Music Fast

7 Ways To Memorize Music Fast

1. Listen to all the songs back to back, without analyzing it. 


I create a playlist of all the songs in Spotify, and listen to it on repeat while I do housework or other menial jobs. 


2. Chart everything out using the Nashville Numbers system. 


This will help you internalize the music, and get it on paper. If you need help learning the Nashville Numbers system, write me and I’ll send you a free booklet on it. 


3. Stagger your practices. 


Don’t practice all on one day. Spread it out over as many days as possible. 


4. Practice in small sessions. 


I recommend practicing for a half hour in the morning, in the middle of the day, and at night. This will allow your subconscious time to process what you’re learning.


5. Practice as early in the game as possible.


Don’t wait to the night before to practice for that gig. Get on the music as soon as you get the setlist, and you’ll remember it better. 


6. Create a “one-sheet” of your music. 


Print out a list of the songs, then take notes next to them to help you remember details about them.


7. Focus on the beginnings of each song.


In my experience if you can remember the beginning of each song, you’ll be able to remember the entire song. Focusing on the beginning of the song will create a mental cue for the rest of the tune.

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