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7 Ways To Stop Working 24/7

7 Ways To Stop Working 24/7

Since the birth of my son Jackson I’ve been trying to refine how manage my work schedule. Since I essentially work from home, it’s been challenging to get everything done without getting too distracted. I’ve found that when I’m distracted, I have to work longer to get more done. Here’s how I’m trying to manage my work/life balance better: 


1. Develop a routine.


I’m trying to get a set work routine in place to allow me to get everything I need done each week in a set period of time. If I give myself a time limit, it makes it easier to disconnect when I’m finished. 


2. Get started early. 


This is a personal preference, but if I can get my work done earlier in the day I feel so much more relaxed the rest of the afternoon. Studies have confirmed that our decision making skills go down as we fatigue, so getting my stuff done in the morning helps me make quick, smart decisions. 


3. Take off days. 


This one I’m still working on. I know that if I can just get a day off each week with no work, I will be so much more energized throughout the week. I’ll keep you posted as I try to figure out how the heck to make this happen. 


4. Create rituals. 


Change clothes, wear a different hat, or switch shoes like Mr. Rogers. Anything that gives you a mental trigger that you need to stop working is going to help you resist the urge to check email one more time. 


5. Put the phone away at night. 


If you can’t bear to part with your phone, go to settings>notifications and set only the absolute minimum number of notifications from your apps that is essential to your business. I have an Apple Watch which I’ve enabled to forward only my most essential texts and calls, so I’m trying to plug in my phone in the other room and leave it there. 


6. Sleep.


Yup. This is still one of the most important keys to working more efficiently instead of longer. Concentration is the key to efficient working, and you can only jack yourself on coffee so many times before your adrenal glands go on strike. 


7. Constant evaluation. 



I’m trying to evaluate what I do every morning, and I take breaks throughout each day to pray, breath, and refocus. This keeps me so much less stressed, and helps me get perspective. 

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