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5 Time Savers

5 Time Savers

One of the tricks for musicians is finding enough time and mental energy do everything. Here are 5 ways to save yourself some significant time: 


1. Bundle stuff. 


Use a reminder app to list all the things you need to accomplish, then group them together. Need to catch up on email? Put that on the same list as text, phone calls and more, and you’ll be more efficient on getting your stuff done. 


2. Cut stuff out. 


The easiest way to free up time is to cut stuff out. If you can’t seem to get rid of anything in your schedule, consider outsourcing some of your work to people that could help. 


3. Create a “short” list. 


I put some of the things I know I could do quickly between activities on a list, and refer to it when I have a short bit of down time. It’s amazing how much you can do with little chunks of time.


4. Change small habits. 


Routines are hard to change, but easy to chip away at over time. Making even a few small changes to your routine can help you see huge improvements on your productivity. 


5. Take care of yourself. 


Rest, eat right, work out. People that are mentally and physically at the top of their game get far more done than those that aren’t. Sleeping and working out may seem unproductive, but it’s the biggest edge you can give yourself. 

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