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Cleaning Out My Phone 

I’m still on tour this week, and one of the things I tackled that I’ve long been putting off was cleaning out my phone. 


I’ve had essentially the same apps on my phone for about 3 years, and it was running super slow. I backed up all my data to my computer, then re installed everything from the ground up. 


Instead of putting back on all my apps, I decided I would add my apps only as I needed them, downloading them one at a time. 


I learned so much for this simple experiment. Here’s some of my takeaways: 



• I have way more apps that I need or use, going from 7 pages of apps to just two. 


• My phone is drastically faster after removing all the junk I wasn’t using. 


By eliminating apps that I don’t really use, I’m free to focus on the apps I really enjoy. 



There are so many comparisons to career on this. We have too much “stuff” (activities, actual stuff, etc) in our lives. When we get rid of it, usually we don’t even miss it, let alone need it. When we remove some things, the things we focus on become amazing and our whole system runs better.

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