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MainStage Mondays: Mapping Controls In Layout Mode

MainStage has a slightly confusing layer of MIDI mappings that I haven’t seen talked about much online (probably because it’s so geeky). It’s possible with MainStage to assign specific MIDI CC values to on screen controls at the Layout mode. Why is this confusing? It’s also possible to assign controllers at the edit mode, as well. Before this gets too techy, here’s the advantage to each: 

MainStage Mondays: How To Use Compressors

This week’s quick MainStage tutorial is about compressors. Compressors are plugins that manipulate the dynamics of the sound source, creating everything from a “squeezed” punchy sound to subtle level control. MainStage just updated their main compressor plugin, and I’m a big fan. Here’s how to use it: 

MainStage Mondays: How To Use Delay

This week we’ll be quickly talking about how to use delays in MainStage. Delays create an “echo” type effect that repeats your original sound. There are several really cool delay plugins in MainStage (my personal favorite is Delay Designer), but for simplicity’s sake we’re going to look at Pedalboard’s Delay plugin. Here’s how to use it: 

MainStage Mondays: Online Store Fall Sale

I NEVER post about sales on my online store (I prefer for people to stumble on to it on their own), but I’m having a back-to-school sale on my online MainStage store with a bunch of my stuff majorly discounted, including some items discounted to as much as 73% off and a pretty substantial discount on my 1-on-1 online MainStage training service right now. If you want to see what’s on sale at the moment, just click this link.